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What is ArsMaterica?

rsMaterica is the attempt to translate the works of architecture and design into the digital world. NFTs are most of the times associated with the concept of art. What motivates their existence is artistic expression and a great speculative wave that follows along. ArsMaterica does not claim to be art but rather an investigative tool that opens the door to something completely new. We study an alternative reality in which great design can exist in the digital landscape.

Do you have a roadmap?

A roadmap will be always present and updated on our whitepaper.

How is the project divided?

ArsMaterica is a collection of NFTs. This collection is subdivided into series (ex. Gemini) each with their own theme and research backing them up. We refer to our NFTs as prototypes due to the investigative nature of the whole project.

What do you get from owning a prototype?

  • Voting power: collectors will have a say in what ArsMaterica will dive in next. We want this to be a study other than a series of beautiful NFTs, so the community that sustains the project will be able to vote on future themes to explore.

  • Passive income: half of the total royalties will be donated to the owners of our NFTs.

How many collections will be released?

As of right now we have no plans in defining a limited amount due to the nature of the project. You never know where you'll end up in an investigative project. What we can say is that the Gemini series will contain 111 pieces.

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