ArsMaterica is the attempt to translate works of architecture and design into the digital world. During the 1980s, a number of artists and designers emerged and posed fundamental questions within the spatial realm. A grand experiment of alienation from the real world took place and we are now living what they were experimenting at the time.


We believe there is so much poetry in the real world that we must make the effort not to abandon it all as we move into an increasingly digital reality. However, we are losing the sense of elegance, dignity and spatial quality that art, architecture and design are accustomed to. We do not pretend to be equal to those who created the objects that inspire us. We study contemporary re-propositions trying not to lose their fundamental values.


ArsMaterica doesn't want to be considered art but rather a tool of investigation that re-evaluates years of study of form to translate them eloquently into NFT bringing to light values and innovative aspects.  We want to unite the world of web3 with the more "mainstream" one by involving brands and the community of collectors of our NFTs to help us develop this research.

Given the investigative nature of this project we want to give the opportunity to the community that supports us to accompany us along this journey and help us choosing the best path to explore. The owners of the collection will have a say in what the next ArsMaterica project will be.

This is not just a simple collection of NFTs, it's research on how we can bring beauty and elegance into digital spaces. As a milestone in our project we want to create spaces, such as domestic environments and virtual art galleries, to host our NFTs.